General game rules

Betgame1 can be used privately and commercially for free.

All players can use the following basic functionality:

  • Join several groups
  • Create own groups
  • Bet on all games of the Weltmeisterschaft

Group owners can define prizes within their groups.

The clever betting system!

Every player starts with Coins 20.000 play money!

Players guess results and bet play money.
Bets can be placed or changed at any time before kick-off.

If the prediction is equal to the score, stakes tripple. If the outcome is correct, stakes double.
Otherwise stakes are lost.

For examplePredictionResultStakeBenefit
Correct result1 : 21 : 2Coins 500Coins +1.000
Correct tendency1 : 20 : 4Coins 500Coins +500
None of both1 : 22 : 0Coins 500Coins -500
No bet placed- : -2 : 0-Coins -100

For games without placed bets, the minimum stake is substracted (Coins -100).
Maximum stake is Coins 500 before play-offs, Coins 750 in play-offs and Coins 1.000 in the final.

Choose a Worldcup winner

Before game start, a Worldcup winner can be chosen!

In case of a correct guess, a bonus of Coins 1.500 will be added to your account.
Changes can not be made after tournament started.

Extra time/Penalties

If there is extra time in play-offs, the amount of goals after 120 min will be taken as score (without penalties, draws are possible)!

For exampleResult
Score after 90 min1 : 1
Score after 120 min2 : 2
Score after penalties5 : 4
Used result2 : 2

Maximum transparency

Before game start players can see the distribution of bets and stakes anonymously.
After game start those stats are published and every player can check the account balance history of all its opponents.

Besides we offer charts, which show the development of all balances. Players can compare these charts with each other.

This is how your get maximum transparency!


Privacy is very valuable for us. Which means:

  • Names of players are published only within groups.
  • Groups can be set up in a way, that members can only join with the authorization of the group owner. Using this access control, names of all players stay concealed for uninvolved persons.
  • E-Mail addresses are never published
  • Groups can be hidden from search engines like Google and Bing.
  • Groups can be hidden from the internal search at Betgame1.
  • Is a group or an account deleted, we really delete all the data.

We value our members!